Editor’s note: these essay by Sara Dintiman, who was a seventh-grader at Middletown region center class final school year, won first place in the Middletown Memorial VFW Post 1620 Patriots Pen contest.

America is the land of the free therefore the home of this brave, but we would not have had the chance to be free unless somebody believed it absolutely was feasible.

If nobody had put faith within our nation, we would not have the opportunities we've been given today.

Once they get up each day, couple of people in America would state which they feel afraid. In my opinion in our government since they keep us safe, and they you will need to make choices the benefit of our nation.

Residents of other nations may not feel as secure inside their country as we do as Americans. We now have a solid army that not only keeps united states safe, but assists protect other nations. We strive, not just for the security of our nation, but additionally to keep peace within our world.

Whenever you think about America, you might think of freedom or hope. As Americans, we are able to put our faith in what we think, and we receive possibilities to make our personal alternatives instead of having into things.

We now have regulations, but our choices aren't nearly since limited as those in other countries. In my opinion in the us because we've dreams, and we are given the opportunity to cause them to become come true.

In America, every one of us has the straight to object to what we think is incorrect, as you or as a whole nation. I believe in my nation because our leaders provided united states the freedom to face up for just what we have confidence in.

Our nation has made sacrifices to quickly attain that which we have. If we weren't offered the chance to speak our minds, we might not have fought, and now we could not be in which we have been today.

America is an incredible country. I really believe in the us because our government keeps us safe while also offering united states our freedom. I really believe as an American, I am luckily enough to live in a country in which I have a reasonable chance to achieve my objectives and stay whom I would like to be.

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