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I'm Alvaro Meythaler, I became invited right now to give out a number of my personal emotions as a fresh Citizen. Its an honor for me to attempt to show just what might be happening in the hearts and minds with this group of people.

If you ask me, this ceremony revives the hopes and desires of immigrants. Those very first pilgrims of this Mayflower, the immigrants that arrived through Ellis Island, and today’s brand new immigrants, that come through airports and even walking during the boundaries, share exactly the same dream: “the pursue of joy through veins of freedom.”

I became born in Ecuador, South America, in which I met and married my stunning American wife. We moved to this country ten years ago and I also cannot also compare simply how much my live has changed in the last a decade. I have two wonderful children; I graduated from the University not as soon as, but two times. Besides, i've the joy to function in this marvelous Library, the Phoenix Public Library, which represents the workout of a fundamental idea of the nation. A notion considered a pillar of this culture: Any male or female has got the freedom to decide what he or she would like to read, to create, to learn, to imagine, to think or to state; because every individual gets the right to be whatever he/she chooses become.

We relocated for this nation because of love. Like to my spouse. If I could imagine why all these new residents relocated to the country, I, likely, will see a few reasons: prosperity, politics, peace, persecution, economic possibilities, spiritual freedom, justice, training, employment, and on occasion even natural catastrophes. However, in my opinion that all actually moved to the nation for starters solitary reason… LIKE. Love due to their families, love because of their future, love due to their descendants, but primarily love on their own since each human being wants to have the freedom to create their own real time, to design their own future, to color it, and to inhabit it making use of their family.

Today, we have the most important title of our life, the name of residents of this usa. Not only we shall forever be part of this country, but in addition we shall are able to assist shape its future with your work, with our voice and, most of all, with your votes. We wonder exactly how many people on the planet sooo want to have the title of “Citizens” today. Exactly what an honor.

I ask God to bless this nation, its people, its land, additionally the possibilities it provides to all people. Congratulations brand new residents rather than forget why you stumbled on this country as well as for whom you made it happen. Keep your hopes and ambitions in your hearts and in your minds… you will definitely reach them.

And thanks, my stunning spouse for several now together… i enjoy you.

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