Theology, Faith, Belief, and Religion: Who is God and who am I? Essay

Many people", including myself", have questioned who God is. If I was to ask this question to many different people",
I would get several diverse responses because God means something different to us all. You have those that don't believe and those that do believe in the existence of God. Although I'm not sure if God is a man or a woman", I do believe that God is the creator and ruler of all things; the heavens", earth", animals", and mankind. As I believe that God is the creator", I view myself as God's child.
My definition of religion is simply belief", faith", and worship. I see religion as a way to obtain spiritual direction", understanding", and giving me and/or others a purpose to life. Religion has shaped my character and rooted me spiritually which has provided me with great morals on how to live my life. Religion has also offered me with a sense of certainty. When I experience serious problems or stressful situations", it's my faith and belief in God that offers me comfort and peace. I know that God is always with me no matter what I go through.
I may not have seen God", but I have complete faith in him or her. To me", faith means trust. “Now faith is confidence in what we hope for and assurance about what we do not see” (New International Version", Heb. 11.1). It's the invisible spiritual things that have increased and even tested my faith in God. I'm a living witness of the breakthroughs", signs", and wonders of God's work. Studying God's word from the bible and prayer has assisted me with drawing closer to God. Going through life and practicing these things on a daily basis has continued to increase my faith and belief in God.
I perceive God as a mystery that can't be figured out. The prominent image that I have of God is expressed in the first book of the Bible. “So God created mankind in his own image", in the image of God he created them; male and female he created them” (New
International Version", Gen. 1.27). I don't know if the scriptural passage is conveying that God is in human form or if there are spiritual and moral qualities we retain that resemble God. Although there aren't many images that enter my mind when I think of God", I do look at the creator as a patient", loving", merciful", and gracious parent. No matter what I do or the pain that I may cause", God still loves me. God's love is unconditional and so amazing.
There are many people in the world that question the existence of suffering and evil. To many", if God is so loving and powerful", he or she could stop the evil and suffering in the world. Though it can be difficult for some to understand", I believe that God allows hardships and wickedness as part of God's overall plan for us. When we are experiencing the challenges of life", there's an opportunity for us to seek God and develop various qualities of character that God is looking for us to have. Qualities such as faith", perseverance", empathy", and appreciation. As I see it", these qualities cannot be gained except through tribulations. In all", God allows evil and suffering to lead people to God", aiding us all to have a deep commitment to God.
Through good and bad times", every day", all day", I pray. To my understanding", prayer is an act of love", obedience", and worship. It's a direct way for people to simply talk and connect with God. It's through prayer that we can express our needs", praising and thanking God for the blessings", and even at times", confessing wrong and asking for forgiveness. I personally believe that God wants to hear from us and help us.
In conclusion", I've learned about
God at a young age and I'm still learning. There are many aspects of religion", faith", and beliefs. Although these aspects may have its differences", religion is the foundation of all cultures across the world. Having a belief provides guidance and structure in a person's life. As I believe in God", I will continue to seek
God as God is the head of my life.

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