The PROs and CONs of having a Smartphone - An Upper Intermediate joint essay

Here's our class essay from our upper intermediate class. We divided in to pairs and each pair published a paragraph. Our subject was the professionals and cons of smart phones.

Smartphones have become a large section of people’s lives The younger generation are particularly dependent on their phones. You can find positives and negatives. This essay will look at both sides.

To begin with, a smartphone makes interaction east because everyone has a smartphone in addition they can perhaps work nearly anywhere around the globe so we can consult with anybody anywhere we have been, for example on a cruise in the center of the Pacific Ocean or flying between your clouds.Also, if you should be living outside your country, you'll communicate with your loved ones, for instance by skype, which can be more standard and cheaper than a call.

The second point usually smartphones have lots of helpful apps. Including, you're new in Sydney along with to meet up with buddies during the Opera House. You'll want to search which bus you must just take. So, you employ Bing Maps.

Lastly, some apps available on smart phones will allow you to get in touch with old friends. We could discuss Facebook, the greatest myspace and facebook on the planet, in which you simply need to find out the title of somebody to talk to her or him effortlessly, quickly, and contact people around the world.

Although smartphones have actually many benefits, they could additionally become an illness for society. Firstly, you will possibly not live an actual life in the event that you put excessively give attention to your digital life, caring about exposing individual what to show good parts of your everyday life.Nowadays, everything is about smartphones. Whenever you go to a restaurant you can see a lot of people residing unique everyday lives through a smartphone display screen without enjoying the full time along with their buddies.

Another point is smart phones are really bad for your health. The electro-magnetic waves can cause cancer tumors and illness. For instance, in the event that you keep your phone within pocket all the time, you are able to be sterile. You can’t sleep well. Phones make a difference your eyes if you use them for a long time.

One last and extremely essential point is that individuals become influenced by technology. Although technology has many drawbacks, there are many benefits when it plays an important part in your life. As an example, people can do transactions via cell phones. Along with this, they use technology for on the web shopping. Therefore, technology is becoming a significant aspect in people’s life.

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