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“I do.” “Fire!” “We need to talk.” “i enjoy you.” “God bless you.” “We the individuals.” “Rest in comfort.”

These are all simply words, simple, meager, pathetic terms; only a mixture of letters arbitrarily set in place to express an idea. In my opinion, however, that terms carry power and value. I believe within the energy of words. That it is easy for the dialogue between people to transcend their intended meanings. I really believe that through terms, not only can peace be performed, but also a greater knowledge of the human being condition.

I happened to be 8 years of age on Tuesday, September 11th, 2001. As a third grader, I watched almost 3,000 American citizens lose their life on national television…over and over and over again. The headlines stations had the tower collapses on for months. All we saw was 3,000 innocent people dying on perform. The images are forever ingrained in my own mind, but so are the language of President Bush that night: “None of us will ever forget this day, yet we move forward to protect freedom and all sorts of which good and just in our world.”

I lost plenty of rest in nights that followed those assaults, and more over, We destroyed plenty faith in the world. Never ever as soon as did I lose faith in their words but.

It is said that actions speak louder than terms, but I argue that without terms actions have no value. Anyone can fly a plane into a building. Those things that time, while tragic, were not the important factor. The target had been never to end 3,000 lives, rather it had been to distribute a note; what that resulted in the action. Words bear the responsibility of starting wars, genocides, and famines. They may be able distribute hate, distrust and slander. However, words also have the energy to start both marriages and families. They've the ability to save your self everyday lives, and raise hopes. They could help united states mourn, as well as express our joy.

Once I hear the words of this President quoted, they rally my spirits. They express a power that may never be fully recognized. That energy arises from the fact that no actions can ever do justice to their words, which speak noisy and clear on hearts of millions. Likewise, no action will be able to create peace in the world. No invasion can create stability, and no missile can ever begin a trusting bond. Terms can. Here is the real power of terms, and just why i really believe that they're therefore useful; words can do whatever we would like them to. It’s just as much as united states to use them correctly.

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