“…she hated the lady that blushed and trembled behind that quiet door.” Hate, a word used too frequently and an atmosphere way too strong. Hate factors wars and cool blooded murders, making total chaos or satisfaction depending on which side regarding the unruly deal you received. For this reason in my opinion that the “semi-barbaric princess” signaled the girl one real love to start the door in which concealed their death sentence, mauled by tiger.

In spite of how much I would like to trust that individuals would sacrifice their happiness if it absolutely was beneficial to the one which they enjoyed, that only exists in childish dreams that make an effort to mask the methods of the world for the children’s benefit. But as we grow older, we recognize that in real world, greed and selfishness reign high above love. If the princess truly did love the man, it really is logical to consider that the discomfort of losing him to God would be never as painful than losing him to another girl, one where she hated. If she had informed her “lover” the reality in regards to the fates hidden behind the “silent” doors, then she'd need to live utilizing the pain of not merely witnessing his wedding to the gorgeous woman, but endure the pain of him and her flaunting around before the woman eyes. Every step which they would take would tear at her heartstrings.

For me, this story may be the epitome of “If We can’t maybe you have, nobody can.”

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