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Tradition is an attractive thing. There are numerous aspects that make up one’s tradition. Whether it might be the clothes, language, religion, food, traditions and sometimes even music, all aspects play a huge role in making up a person’s culture. I think tradition is so crucial because it cannot only impact one individual; it affects the nation, as well as affects others individuals around it. I will be happy to know my tradition, also to understand where my loved ones originated from. It gives me the feeling of being whole, as well as once makes me feel original and differing from other people. Various countries and various people make our nation the stunning melting pot we're proud to phone it.

Being around other cultures allows you to expand your outlook on life. Being around my loved ones has already established a large impact on my lifestyle. Like the majority of people i really do have a tendency to just take things for granted. I may never remember to relish it but i understand that i'm exceedingly blessed become living in America. No other country is envied the way America is. It is the land associated with the free, land of possibility, additionally the land of equality. No other country has all those characteristics. However now once I learn about in which my parents come from, others nations in Africa, and all one other nations on the planet it creates me grateful become where i'm. I really believe that my tradition has taught me personally become a far more appreciative person.

Our nation is full of many different countries. This allows united states to learn about other countries to check out them first hand, and it also we can impact others by showing them various views, and designs of living. Having different countries therefore near both offers individuals knowledge in a lot of areas, plus in time the countries tend to blend together producing a brand new life-style.

My family is from Africa, and arriving at America ended up being a large change. It did have an impact on our tradition as it showed my family a fresh approach to life, but even though there is a big difference we keep our culture alive by learning the language and practicing the traditions. But on top of that our culture changed because American ways are becoming a part of our tradition. This will be an example of various cultures impacting each other and mixing to produce a new lifestyle. Once you understand my culture is very important if you ask me because it’s my history, therefore made me anyone i'm today. We care profoundly about appreciating individuality because that's what makes individuals stunning.

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