The Impact Of Smart Phones On Society English Language Essay

Today people of the entire world have actually a fresh addiction. This brand new addiction is called the smartphone. The smartphones of today have actually plenty features that the owners of those can barely seem to place them straight down simply for another. These smart phones not just offer some of the exact same features that a personal computer would, but they also provide an extremely advanced of entertainment. Despite having all of the abilities that smartphones offer they nevertheless need and great degree of understanding and duty. The objective of this paper should assist others comprehend the way of smartphone technology, the ways smartphone technology modifications culture, understand the effect of modification and manner in which we live our everyday lives, and exactly how smart phones may potentially produce dangerous circumstances.

The impact of cell phone on culture

Individuals are apt to have a busy life in these times as a result of task, college and personal issues. Therefore, they would rather have a mobile unit which satisfies their needs to remain in touch and start to become reachable at anytime. Cell phone is certainly one of these cellular devices which enable its users to communicate and trade information particularly text, document, picture, and video through internet or mobile systems. Smart phones have actually brought a whole new meaning towards the term multitasking. Before, it was impossible to keep connected with co-workers within workplace while you had been on supermarket picking right on up some necessary things. You can not have had a three-way company conference when you had been preparing supper or been able to cope with a small business client from home while taking care of a sick child. Smart phones have enabled us doing different tasks simultaneously. Because of its portable, people appears to be more content making use of cell phone as a primary communication unit than desktop or house phone. Furthermore, its a competent and discreet method to talk to relatives and buddies members. But not just these smart phones have actually positive effects on our culture, but it also holds negative impacts aswell; and mobile phone radiation is one of its examples.

In evaluating the good effect of smart phones on our society, there are two main major areas which may have greatly suffering from smart phones, and they are company and socialization. In the last few years, the amount whom utilize smart phones has been increased rapidly. Based on one research business’s longitudinal studies, “about 42 per cent of Us americans owned smart phones in December 2009” (mobilehealthnews, 2010). And it'll continue to grow in the next decade as Cody Barbierri has mentioned in his article “smart phones are one of many hottest growth sectors within our economy right now. Use is growing, despite significant development in the last two years” (Cody Barbierri, 2010). With huge effective applications, smart phones allow its users in which to stay touch making use of their work and extend their social connection in a variety of ways. Many of the smart phones applications on the market wont influence a lot of people’s everyday lives; nonetheless it does effect categories of people who make the most of it, included entrepreneurs. Due to the requirement of the economy, numerous entrepreneurs would rather have an intelligent phone allowing them to help keep relate genuinely to their business customers, checking email, texting or browsing web as they take the street. In reality, due to its portable, smart phones lets more people contact their office under numerous circumstances. It has enabled users to help keep connect to anyone at anytime from almost anywhere. In line with the study by Harris Interactive site: “60 per cent of workers contact any office with a good phone or smart phone while on vacation” (Dennis McCafferty, 2010). In addition, “62 per cent of workers use they to attend to company issues during a meal” (Dennis McCafferty, 2010). Having said that, employees are far more comfortable to communicate and access to the internet by making use of smart phones than any main computing device while they aren't at the office.

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As a motto for all smart phones users ‘your life is within pocket’, more and more people are drawn to the unit which own lots of of good use features. Beyond that, the most recent generation of smart phones have actually supplied more great social applications and effective entertaining function to anyone who love myspace and facebook. In fact, today more individuals prefer to be able to connect to their buddies through social support systems. These social networks are a fresh trend in online communication. For that reason, Facebook, Myspace, and Twitter apps have actually became a regular dependence on those who would like to own a good phone and teenager are among those individuals. Based on the Harris Interactive research, “second to clothing, teenagers state a smart phone informs many about a person’s social status or appeal, outranking jewelry, watches and shoes” (Wirelessandmobilenews, 2010). Based on the research above, smart phones are becoming a social necessity which teens may not be without. However, a majority band of teens views their cell phone since the key to their social life. From texting to talking, and logging on to social networking internet sites, teenagers carry smart phones to have use of buddies, household and present events.

That's why broadband connections, internet explorer, e-book visitors, workplace apps, maps worldwide, movement sensors, HD video cameras, GPS are the many great features which all smart phones carry it to users. Imagine enough time ahead of the look regarding the cell phone; it absolutely was impossible to shop on the web during lunchtime without a PC or laptop. But using the support of smart phones, shopping on the net in these days is really as easy as making a phone call. In addition, real-time movie calls empower visitors to not merely keep in touch with each other while on the go, and see just what one another means through their facial expressions. Consequently, smart phone is a significant device which individuals cannot set off without it. In my experience, cell phone with helpful applications will change the PC as primary connected-computing device in next ten years.

There isn't any little question that smart phones have positively made our life significantly more convenient in a variety of ways. But smart phones have also changed the way that people interact with one another. Smart phones enable its users to be in a conversation without showing their personal expressions. Unlike a face-to-face conversation in which one calls for direct eye contact, smart phones allows individual to “say things through instant texting that you'dn’t dare say in face-to-face contact or on the telephone where you could hear each other’s voice” (Harmon, 2003). That is the reason why individuals use smart phones for conversation, which they choose to not have in person. As a result, we're beginning to lose the face-to-face contact which was such a significant part of our life before. The contact with real-time voice call will be replaced by multimedia communications application of smart phones. Not merely replace the means that individuals contact one another, but smart phones additionally emit radiation which some believe might harmful to individual wellness. The emission of radiation from cell phone might cause severe damages to peoples in long-lasting as it makes use of electromagnetic radiation inside microwave oven range. That's the reason why cellular phone in many cases are prohibited in hospitals and on airplanes, due to the fact radiofrequency signals may affect medical devices and systems.

In addition, intimate soliciting through mobile device can be a bad effect which smart phones have brought it to users. This matter is increasing at a rapid rate and becoming one of the greatest fear to children and their parents. In accordance with US researchers, young ones sexual solicitations had been reported via social media sites is 27 percent in 2008 (Ybarra & Mitcell, 2008). Although most of these incidents happened among teenage girls, many took place among under aged boys who are a target of homosexuals besides. The issue inside problem is online criminals who utilize smart phones to change their intimate product. The rise inside crime can be related to one main cause. That's many young ones, generally within their teenage years, is quite curious or thinking about intimate materials or information. For that reason, they frequently use internet sites to locate responses to those concerns which they might be too ashamed to go over along with their moms and dads or other nearest and dearest. That's why many on the web crooks have actually targeted young people inside band of age. They truly are alert to these desires and needs, so that they utilize their knowledge to lure teenagers into a sexual discussion. According to scientists in Sean Alfano article, they “did find that in more than one fourth of solicitations, youths were asked to submit intimate photographs of by themselves, a few of that might be a crime under federal child-pornography laws” (2006). Because of this, it will be no surprise that smart phones is a good device for on line criminal to be able to drag teens into a sexual conversation, or to trade intimate movie. For that reason, the concern of moms and dad to their children’s task ought to be a necessity. It is vital to share with teens in regards to the negative facet of sexual conversation with strangers through smartphones.

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As a good mobile device for modern society, smartphone is the most effective technology that i've ever seen. Not merely provides many effective features, but cell phone can also be an important mobile device which a group of people cannot leave the house without one. However, smart phones also have some negative effects besides. Therefore, individuals should think about before purchased it.

To understand the way of Smartphone technology

From an invisible business’s viewpoint, they have to comprehend several things about smart phones in order to be considered as at the very top or effective store. They must have a clear knowledge of the way by which smartphones are going. Including things such as for example: the progression of smart phones, competition, and adaptability. We are now living in a global today that hinges on data communications. Smart phones can assists users in several other ways in terms of data needs. Since the Smartphone has arrived into existence, it's constantly evolved into an improving bit of technology. This is certainly a thing that will usually occur in regards to smart phones, because companies need to either continue or get left out. When making a Smartphone, there are numerous things that an organization should consider. Things such as for instance customer requirements and expenses. Sometimes, dependent on just what features the telephone provides, price is not one factor. If purchasers want one thing bad sufficient, they'll undoubtedly spend the price to have it. The consumer requirements must cater to different teams additionally. For example a business may need that different requirements be met than that every day home users that simply want a Smartphone for personal entertainment. During this part of the paper we are going to look at the three things mentioned above which again are: the progression of smart phones, competition, and adaptability.

Because the creation of Smartphone, there is nothing but a stable progression featuring its features and abilities. The very first Smartphone had been the Simon created in 1992 by IBM (Camera Phones Plaza in Smartphone, 2009). This phone ended up being unveiled in Las Vegas through the COMDEX show. The Simon had features particularly: some sort of clock, e-mail, calculator, and calendar. This phone also introduced the idea of the onscreen keyboard. The onscreen keyboard took some getting use to at first, because everyone was maybe not yet comfortable with how big the virtual onscreen secrets. By simply taking a look at those features you can see they are a number of the exact same features made available from computers. Lots of people view the smartphones of today as mini computer systems. Though the Smartphone has some advantages over computer systems, because you obtain the features made available from your pc plus mobile phone capabilities. And undoubtedly simply the convenience of to be able to do specific things on the road without the need to stop and to remain to a pc every time you intend to send a message or edit your private calendar. Since smartphones are higher popular than they were in the past; Creators of the devices are starting to implement things like: expanded memory, bigger displays, and faster processors. Smart phones have progressed so far as their physical appearance. Phones like the iphone and windows mobile now have a sleeker slim type look. These phones now offer HD quality movie helping to make them very appealing for viewing movies, recreations, alongside types of streaming media.

Competition is what drives businesses that are into the Smartphone market. These businesses understand that in order to endure, they have to maintain their foes. It’s not uncommon for businesses to make notes from or mimic their opponent’s designs in certain type or fashion. By now with 20.5 million Android units offered in the 3rd quarter of 2010, the Android os OS has jumped prior to the iphone into 2nd place with a 25.5 percent share associated with Smartphone market (Lilly, 2010). The point that is now a common trend in today’s realm of Smartphone competition, is partnering. Including you've got Apple and AT&T who paired around bring individuals the iphone and then you've got Bing who has paired with numerous cordless providers like T-Mobile, Verizon, and Sprint to bring customers the Android. The way it works is one provider provides the straight back bone data system and other provides the Smartphone it self. The Android os comes set up primarily on Motorola products. Now, what actually elevates your competitors to a different level regarding these smartphones are the applications they supply. The Android Market at this time provides around 100,000 applications and over two-billion downloads up to now (Lilly, 2010). These applications consist of many different things from games, videos, and music. There clearly was a time whenever smartphones were primarily accustomed meet business needs but today individuals additionally use them for activity purposes and. As we move forward into the future we could just be prepared to see they be much more and more imaginative.

Adaptability dates back as to the happens to be stated through the text inside paper. In order for businesses to endure they must adjust to brand new technologies, or they'll get left behind. Adaptability goes along side client needs. This, more often than not is because of trends also, like what’s hot and what’s perhaps not in the wonderful world of smart phones. Based on the black colored berry Smartphone will still be near the top of the maps going in to the year 2015 (Jones, 2010). If other Smartphone rivals wish to keep this from taking place then their finest bet would be to keep adapting to future trends in technology. When selecting a Smartphone now, customers really base their alternatives in the operating system that’s running on the telephone. Various Smartphone os's provide different types of security, applications and unit administration abilities. Those three things can be viewed as the key determinants of success for each os, not fundamentally in that purchase. The battle for Smartphone supremacy happens to be being compared to the battle the desktop that happened into the 1980’s. Rod Hall who is a vice president at JP Morgan once said “One for the things people communicate a lot about is the horizontal example of the PC in the 1980s. This battle was won according to a market that became extremely horizontally focused” (Handy, 2010). Many people in fact genuinely believe that the prosperity of a Smartphone actually has nothing in connection with the operating system on phone but in fact the system that’s supplying the services the phone. Then chances are you possess some people that think the option is founded on a variety of both os and also the provider’s network. 3G happens to be a really big selling point by AT&T / Apple for the iphone and also by Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint the Android os devices. Supposedly now Sprint is amongst the very first telecommunication providers to provide 4G speeds on their mobile and data community. For these other programs to steadfastly keep up at some time we ought to expect them to begin offering 4G rates aswell. Here recently, Verizon happens to be introducing a 4G campaign with through a TV business. Some brief information for individuals that don’t determine what 3G and 4G speeds provide, these rates provide very quickly information transfer and video clip streaming abilities. The iphone 4 is sold with a credit card applicatoin for Netflix therefore the Android os includes a credit card applicatoin for Blockbuster. These two companies comprehended that they must conform to the service that the other business had been offering or maybe lose clients. Reports reveal that today the iphone platform presently has ten times the amount of applications which are being offered by the Android os platform, so this is something which I’m certain Android designers know about and constantly working on (Handy, 2010). Android continues to be fairly brand new therefore it usually takes a while in order for them to catch up with the number of applications on offer by Apple. As of November 11, 2010 Smartphone sells are up 96percent nonetheless they still trail component phones in quantity (Gahran, 2010). This does not mean that feature phone users don’t prefer smartphones; countless it may be contributed to the prices of smart phones. Not just that but additionally customers might not be prepared to break their agreement making use of their current provider to modify to a brand new one simply for the sake of possessing a certain smartphone. Of the 417 million new phones that were sold in the third quarter of 2010, 81 million were smart phones (Gahran, 2010). This is when we saw the 96percent increase from 3rd quarter of 2009. Since we saw such a sizable boost in the total amount of smartphone users such a short while, we are able to only assume that more and more people makes the switch and eventually join the smartphone culture.

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Smartphones and Hazardous circumstances

Smart Phone/mobile unit technology although it is a revolutionary breakthrough in communications in addition holds dangers that affect our physical bodies, produces health hazards, security dangers and environmental dangers throughout its usage.

The most frequent for the dangers developed by utilization of the smart phone has ended use of the thumb. This yields pain and numbness which finally can impede the employment of the hand to grasp and hold products. The following instance displays exactly how an individual can extremely work the thumb generate this example.

James Hofheins really loves their task as a social networking representative for a Utah retailer. All workday very long, the veteran customer support representative monitors facebook and twitter for folks speaking about their business. If there’s a problem, he follows as much as ensure things get taken care of. Hofheins is indeed enamored with social media he remains on Twitter very long after the work day ends to help keep monitoring of globe news, tweet friends and retweet interesting tidbits that float across his Twitter stream. Far from his desk, a palm treo is their keyboard of preference for tuning into twitter, delivering emails and texting. But all that connectivity is using a toll on Hofhein’s thumb, their right someone to be precise. The 45-year-old makes use of it exclusively to kind and text and recently he’s been on Twitter a great deal it hurts. “It throbs through the tip to the base joint in which it connects towards the hand,” he claims. “It’s stiff, it’s hard to extend and quite often the end is numb,” he states (Rafter, 2009).

The same hazard affecting using the hand is over applying the index little finger. Society has termed this damage since the “iPod Finger”. It is easily recognized how this type of damage could take place since it is one of the main hands used to run products. “… Tamara James, ergonomics manager at Duke University and wellness System in Durham, N.C., has heard people complain of “iPod little finger,” overusing their index little finger to spin the selector wheel of an iPod player. iPhone users came to physicians complaining of tennis elbow-like signs, exactly what one woman with the problem calls the girl “iPhone elbow.” The United states Physical Therapists Association has discussed exactly how typing on itty-bitty keyboards leads to “BlackBerry thumb” since 2006″ (Rafter, 2009). You can still find some inconclusive studies on hand accidents resulting from texting and emailing. These injuries could possibly be short-term or enhance energy for the fingers rather than weakening it. “…Early research shows more youthful individuals might develop more powerful thumb muscles from all emailing and texting they do, it’s far too soon to tell. “They could be protecting on their own for the future or establishing on their own up for problems afterwards. We don’t understand,” James says” (Rafter 2009).

Even though these accidents could possibly be self treated by minimizing using or stop use of the mobile device short-term to allow rest or healing, it still pays to be conscientious of the widening effect it may have on business companies global and implement measures to fix the issue. For “instances inside 1980s and 1990s, the appearance of office PCs resulted in a wave of carpal tunnel, RSI, as well as other musculoskeletal injuries that tapered down as soon as workers, HR and tech support groups figured out the significance of proper wrist support, seating and posture, and federal and state worker safety agencies passed ergonomics guidelines” (Rafter, 2009). Whether within the corporate globe or each and every day society there are many treatments that may be implemented to ease injuries and discomfort caused to the thumbs through the use of mobiles. According to Michelle V. Rafter (2009).

Maintain a neutral position. Some thumb and elbow discomfort is due to keeping the joint in a set or awkward place for a long time. “If you’re getting numb, compression of nerve between your hand as well as the phone causing it,” James states. Alleviate it making use of sitting or standing precisely while you kind, she says.

Help your arms. If you’re sitting to type emails or text for a long time, make use of a pillow or other prop to support your arms and fingers while you work.

Take regular breaks. When desktop PCs became ubiquitous, individuals must be taught to simply take breaks to prevent carpal tunnel problem and associated maladies. Similar is valid for iPhones and PDAs — using breaks frequently to offer the hands a rest, James states.

Switch things up. If you normally utilize one hand to kind or text, provide it a rest and type with all the other one.

Do stretching exercises. The United states Society of hand Therapists suggests a variety of stretches in a consumer training bulletin on hand-held electronic devices and gaming damage avoidance guidelines. They include: Opening your hands and spreading your fingers are far as you can, then holding for 10 seconds. Repeat several times. With hands laced together, turn your palms from your human anatomy and extend your hands overhead. Stretch your top torso throughout your shoulders to your arms. Hold for 10 seconds. Repeat many times.

There are other hazards that folks may well not obviously associate with usage of smartphones. These hazards may be over looked within the small print of mobile phone directions or not well stated included for consumer to comprehend the threats. Including, “It is a well known proven fact that cell phones use radio regularity technology. These radiations make cellphones dangerous. People surviving in developed countries like U S and also developing countries like Asia are slowly becoming hooked on smartphones. Significantly more than 4 billion people all over the world use smartphones. Many of them are blissfully ignorant of this dangers of using mobile phones…” (Radhakrishna, 2010). There has been instances of injury and even loss of people due to these overlooked hazards. The following categories of safety, health insurance and environmental hazards enlighten to your reason for fore mention circumstances befallen to individuals.

1st category addresses security hazards related to utilization of the mobile. As with all technology there is possible of it affecting or causing a disruption of something else already used. Manufactures generally speaking offered some form of warning indicator or instructions of where not to ever utilize or place the technology. This evidently is normally over looked because “… there have been instances of mobiles exploding, causing deaths. This could easily happen due to overheating defective battery pack and sometimes even incorrect using battery pack or charger. Mobiles are known to disrupt normal functionality of pacemakers. Mobile phone use while driving has increased road accidents. It is estimated that motorists are four times more likely to crash their automobiles when they are speaking on the mobile phones while driving” (Radhakrishna, 2010). Vital that you note theses dangers can sometimes occur due to customers maybe not heeding caution or guidelines provided by manufactures of this product. These example depicts informative data on the likelihood mobile phone use while driving would cause an accident or near crash occasion, according to (Box, 2009).

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Table 1

New Data from VTTI Provides Insight into mobile phone Use and Driving Distraction

Cell Phone Task

Risk of Crash or Near Crash Event

Light Vehicle/Cars

Dialing mobile phone

2.8 times as high as non-distracted driving

Talking/Listening to Mobile Phone

1.3 times as high as non-distracted driving

Reaching for item (in other words. computer along with other)

1.4 times as high as non-distracted driving

Heavy Vehicles/Trucks

Dialing Mobile Phone

5.9 times because high as non-distracted driving

Talking/listening to Cell Phone

1.0 times since high as non-distracted driving

Use/Reach for electronic device

6.7 times because high as non-distracted driving

Text messaging

23.2 times because high as non-distracted driving

The second category is regarding health risks of using cell phones. When watching television we sometime right here about instances of tumors and cancers affecting people but usually it caused by diets and lifestyles. There are other conditions thought to be responsible for these health vulnerabilities. For example, “Excessive use of smartphones is known to boost the risk of brain cancer, especially among kids. Kids have actually thinner skulls and fragile stressed system. Daily use of mobiles for a decade doubles the risk of cyst of auditory neurological which links the ear towards the mind. Individuals using cell phones for over four hours each day have reached the risk of bringing down their sperm count” (Radhakrishna, 2010). These alarming health hazards must certanly be taken really. Individuals could reduce odds of these hazards occurring included by restricting using cellphones for themselves and especially for their children.

The final category addresses the environmental hazards of utilizing mobiles. These details alludes to facts of the way the kinds of cellular phone technology can disrupt surrounding in negative means. For instance “Excessive radiation is known become causing extinction of several species of tiny birds like sparrows. This may definitely have a massive negative effect on our environment. We be determined by bees for plants, simply because they pollinate plants. These bees are vanishing. Radiation from mobiles are interfering with navigation system of bees and causing them to get rid of their long ago for their hive. As a result of this their colonies are collapsing” (Radhakrishna, 2010). We could assume as technology escalates the results it offers regarding the environment would be similarly thought to limit the negative impact. The part of nature ought to be preserved at all cost the consequences of not take action could turn out to be damaging to our environment.

Understand the alteration and way we live our life

The invention associated with the phone inside belated nineteenth century in the United States changed how people interact and communicate. This has been paralleled in very early 21st century because of the arrival of cell phones. The cell phones happen designed for grownups to utilize business (Downes, and Aoki, 2003). This is certainly an identical to cell phone inside early twentieth century in which telephone designers explained the telephone had been made for business, but it had not been for social discussion (Flinchy, 1997). Today how many people uses the mobile phones growth really fast since the end of 20th century. Most families have mobile phones, and some of those aren't utilizing house phones.

A lot of people have actually cellular phones than home phones within the United State. Within the around the world, it's more than one billion individuals use a cell phone. In accordance with one of many industry analysts cordless that between now to your many years of 2020 everyone else could pay for a cell phone which they desire. United states spends seven hours or even more hours in monthly speaking on their mobile phone on average, and it becomes more crucial of American’s life (Rosen, 2004). Today the majority of United states families have actually cell phone. They constantly carry; phone whatever they're going out, even at home. But many of them utilize cells phone like home phone. Mobile phones start to change US life because the end of 21 century, it becomes cheaper, smaller, and more convenience. With the fast spread of technology, people change the life style with cell phones.

In 1985, according to Mobile Communications and Web link, just 340,000 people have registered to use cell phone, nonetheless it has over 158 million people utilize the mobile in the United States (Rosen, 2004). Even as we could see more and more people make use of the cellular phones today than we compare with the season 1985. One of many reason more people make use of the mobile that it has easier than house phone. Cell phone aren't only used in American families, but inaddition it use within the medical field. Healthcare field might use mobile phones to deliver in front of the hospital’s image toward injury. In England, now popular for cordless technology that enables organizations to achieve access to remote meters or gather information diagnosis, on-site construction workers can use mobile phones to deliver picturing to contractors outside. Combine with the application of individual cell phones, to make appointments, locate a buddy, check always voicemail messages, or simply to test in at cellular phone work now provides the as yet not known level of convenience (Rosen, 2004). Cellular phones aren't even for social use for today, but it is, usage for almost any business such as the medical industry, manufacture. ..Etc.In addition, the number of cell phones usage have risen to the purpose of dizziness, there are social boffins for the foreseeable future, virtually any metropolitan residents additionally have a cell phone.

Cellular phones effect to young adults, based on the research teenagers see their cellular phones as more than simply an accessory, which is additionally showing four away from five teenagers use cellular phone than prior to. The investigation also shows the sense of safety these teens said about 80 per cent associated with the cellular phones have. Also preferring texts on the phone then chatting regarding phone (mobile phones effect, 2008). We could see more teenagers use phone like things they have to have in their life. Cell phones affect the social life of teenagers. Whenever phone isn't any longer an extravagance item, the parents are able to equip their children for simple communication. However, Harris Interactive study the teens say a cell phone as the most popular social status or of you, outranking jewelry, watches and footwear. The research also found the mobile phones are fast becoming necessary in culture youth. It is about fifty seven percent of teens see their phones as a vital with their social life (mobile phones effect, 2008). And it's also about fifty seven percent of the teenagers that carry a cell phone to boost the grade of life. And half of them said the mobile phones become a brand new kind of the activity and it's also about thirty percent of them make use of the cellular phones to try out games (Cell phones effect, 2008). In fact, the majority of teens are employing mobile phones from the initial intention for the parents. Won't take a look at the hearing referred to, many children fall under “addiction” to expl

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