I believe in the us and I also rely on our individuals.

Nubar Alexanian

Colin Powell invested 35 years into the army, increasing from ROTC in college to become a four-star general and president associated with Joint Chiefs of Staff throughout the 1991 Gulf War. He has worked in administrations of six presidents including serving as secretary of state from 2001 to 2005.

Later on this thirty days, i am participating in a ceremony at Ellis Island in which i am going to get copies of ship manifest as well as the immigration papers that record the arrival in America of my mom, Maud Ariel McKoy, from Jamaica aboard the engine ship Turialba in 1923. My father, Luther Powell, had arrived 36 months earlier in the day on Port of Philadelphia.

They met in New York City, hitched, became Us citizens and raised a family group. By their perseverance and their love with this nation, they enriched this nation and assisted it grow and flourish. They instilled in their children and grandchildren that same love of nation and a spirit of optimism.

My children's tale is a very common the one that happens to be told by millions of Americans. We're a land of immigrants: A nation that has been touched by every nation so we, in turn, touch every country. So we are touched not just by immigrants but by the site visitors whom arrived at America and get back house to tell of these experiences.

I believe which our best power in dealing with the planet may be the openness of our culture together with welcoming nature of our individuals. A great remain in our country is the better general public diplomacy device we've.

After 9/11 we noticed that our nation’s openness had been also its vulnerability. We needed to protect ourselves by knowing who had been getting into the united states, for what function and also to know once they left. This was totally appropriate and reasonable. Unfortunately, to a lot of foreigners we offered the impression that people were not any longer a welcoming nation. They started initially to go to schools and hospitals in other countries, and frankly, they started initially to simply take their company elsewhere. We can’t enable that to happen. Our attitude has to be, our company is glad you're right here. We should be cautious, but we ought to never be afraid.

When I traveled the world as secretary of state, we encountered anti-American belief. But I additionally encountered an underlying respect and love for America. People nevertheless wish to come here. Refugees who've no house anyway know that America is the land of desires. Despite having additional scrutiny, people make at our embassies to apply in the future here.

The thing is, I believe that the America of 2005 is the identical America that brought Maud Ariel McKoy and Luther Powell to these shores, so numerous an incredible number of other people. An America that each day offers brand new immigrants similar present that my parents received. An America that lives by a Constitution that inspires freedom and democracy around the globe. An America with a big, open, charitable heart that reaches out to individuals in need of assistance all over the world. An America that sometimes appears confused and is constantly loud. That sound has a name, it is called democracy and now we use it to work through our confusion.

An America that is still the beacon of light to your darkest corner worldwide.

A year ago we came across with a small grouping of Brazilian change students who had spent a couple weeks in the usa. We asked them to tell me personally about their experience right here. One young woman told me in regards to the night the 12 pupils went along to a quick food restaurant in Chicago. They ate and noticed they would not are able to afford to pay for the bill. These people were means short. Frightened, they finally told the waitress of the problem. She went away and she returned in a while saying, «I talked to the manager and he said, 'It's okay.’» The students remained worried since they thought the waitress might have to pay it off from her wage. She smiled and she stated, «No, the manager said he's glad you are in the usa. He hopes you might be enjoying themselves, he hopes you might be learning about united states. He said it is on him.»

Its a story that those young Brazilian kids have actually told over repeatedly about America. This is the America i really believe in, that is the America the entire world really wants to rely on.

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