Smoking Essay

smoking has become less commin on the recent years due to more education about consequences of smoking. in todays society 70% of 16-24 years old have not started smoking, in 19734 when the figures first began this figure was 46%. the most common age to start smoking is 24-35 and around 60% havent picked uo the habit this was from 30% in 1975l4. over the recent years there has been alot of reseach put into tje effects and consequences that smoking has on hewlth. the reason that more men smoke compared to women could possible because of the work they do , for example of a man works on a bulding site as a non smokiler and everyone eled is talking a break to go and have a smoke than its likely that non smokers could give into pree pressure and start smoking also. women tent to have jobs that are indoors and would not be presuaded to smoke. since electronic cigarette have been becoming increasing popular throughout society this had encouraged people to stop or at least cut down on smoking tobacco.



the amount of alcohol consumption is on increase with more femaled drinking over males. the reason from females drinking more could be because they possibly socialise more and often have more day/nights out than malee do. out ofbthe 7 in 10 people who drink , 4 in every 5 of the individuals will exceed the recommended limit of 14 units pre day day, this could be because of not bejng aware for the recommended limit or just because they feel that they have a better time when they are drunk. there is more young people ages, from 18 to 29 who drink compared to those 30+. the reason for this is because when young people are in education the often have social nights out at clubs and bars. when students are at collage or universiyes there is often party locations nerby that set up events aimed at students to attend, often atudents arrange to attend in groupd and have a party before at the locatiom they live therefore if someone doesnt want to drink more acohol than is recommended they can easily be preer pressured into it by peers. young people are more likly to binge drink by 38%, this could be because they like this deeling of being srunk and often at events aimed at students and younger people alcohil can be cheap meaning that peolple buy more than they shoild just because its cheap. research has proved that people likely to drink. this could be because of the stress of education and they feel they need alcohol as a reward or an escape of education. there is much more males are more likly to get in fights when on a night out because theu are protecting someone or just see someine they dislike and decide to get into an argument that can lead to a fught. alcohol related causes costs the NHS 122 million pre year, this is because of thoses getting into situations due to consuming more alcohol than they should have. consuming acess alchol can make you more prone to falls as your vision is affected therefore peoole can sustain injuries that require hospital treatment.


obesity is on the increase every year in the UK, there has been millions of pounds put into the research around obesity and also millions put on advertisement in order to reduce the levels of obesity. obesoty problems in all ages however there is more men not be as self conscious of their bodies as wimen are. there has been vast increase in the number of children ages 5 to 12 who are obese, this could be because of the portions sizes they are getting at hime or the unhealthy lunches they get at school. supermarkets and fast food compaines often have strtegies aimed as children to want the product so they ask their parents to get this to them otherwise they will annoy them. there has been certain laws put in llace in order to tackle childrens obesity, for example tv advertisements for fast food compaines such aa mcdonalds are not allowed to be advertised on childrens tv. Baratric surgey is when surgeons reduce the size of the stomach by fitting a gastric band. ages 35 to 54 is the most commkn age to have this surgery done with almost 3/4 of thr patients being women. women can be more likely to have this dine because they feel bad about their body and will do anything in order to lost weight . with the increase on fast food compaies is seems the easy option to eat unhealthy brcause most of the time its faster and cheaper. only 26% of people in the uk eat the recommended 5 fruots and veg pre day, this can be because fruite can be expensive and there may be more important things to spend money on. the level of exercise and physical activity is shocking as there is more 20 million people in the uk classed as inactive putting them at mich greater risk of many health conditions. the reason than peoole do not exercise is because peoples lifestyle are becoming increasing busy therefore they find it hard to make time to exercise. obesoty costs the national hewlth service 16 billion pre year and this is vastly increasing every year, this is because there is more people in society not fallowing recommendations on staying healthy therefore become over weight or obese putting them at greater risk of both physical and mewntal health problems.

mental health

meantal health in the uk is also in the incresung every yet with one in every 5 females and 1 and every 8 males suffering from mental health problems. it is said that 1 and every 4 people will suffer from a mental health problem at least ince in their life, this could be because of increased demand on jibs, increased pressure at school or the pressure of social media. those who like at home are more likely to suffer from mental health consiation this could be because they are feeling lonely and feel that have no one to talk to about their problems or how they feel. those who suffer from mental health condition this could be because they are feeling lonely and feel that have no one to talk to about their problems or how they feeling. those who suffer from obesity or other health cinditions are likly to suffer from mental health problems because its likely they dint feel good about themselves resulting in then to have low self cinfidence and other people possibly calling them name or starting at them because of their weight may make them feel embarrassed. therefore if someone is overweight easte of time. with the increased use of substance abuse in the UK this can also lead to mantal heakth problens this is because they rely on the substance to live therefore when they tey and stop talking the substance or have no money to, they may experience withdraw symptoms, they can have through that there is no help for then and theres no way out of this situation therefore that only option in sui ide. social media has a huge impact on mainly young peoples mental health as they feel under pressure to look a certain way or wear certain cloths, when really the people they see as role modles online is often edited in order to make them look a specific way. if young people dont look a certain was or wear certain cloths then they can be juged by their peers and they ogten affect their self confidence making them cincerned on the way they look. mental health problems cost the NHS 34 billion pre year this is 23% of the NHS budget and is set to rise immensely in the coming years.


in the UK people living in proom housing are much more likely to suffer from respiratory disease such as asthma and poor health im general. in a recent study it showed that children livinging in poor housing are twice more likely to suffer from poor health that those children living in good housing. 32% of children in poor hosuing suffer from respiratory problems compared to 26% in good housing. those children who like in poor housing are said to be 50% more likely to suffer from asthma. the reason those children living in poor housing are kore prone to asthma is because the home if often damp creating moulds and if inhaling the moulds for long periods of time such as overnight it can be harmful as they release toxins making it hard to breath, cause wheezing and tight chest. in recent study showed that 3.9 millions people in the UK live in poverty meaning they are at a much increased risk of chronic illnesses, ( 2018)

employment can affect an individuals health both physically and mentally. in the future itd expected that technology is going in immensely devolved resulting in the loss of thousands and possibly millions of jobs throughtout the uk. the loss in jobs can lead to stress which can uncreases the risk of suffering for mental health problems. currently mental health problems cost the NHS 24 billion pre year, this is 23% of the NHS budget, ans this is set to increase thr next 5 years with people living longer those who are unemployed.(england",NHS, 2018)

education had a positive aspect on current and future health patterns because it encourage students to participate in sport and exercising activates and school will have compulsory physical education lesson pre week in order to get them involved. Being active and doing sport vastly decreases the chances of devolving both mental and physical health condition because it keeps the mind active along with keeping the internal body healthy. education will determine a student future therefore its important that the students achieves the grades required to progross into the job they wish. Having a good job will mean a good income meaning that you will not struggle to pay bills, to buy essentials ans other needs, futhermore this means that you are less likely to suffer from stress or anxitey therefore reduced risk of devolving mental health conditions.


this is more people being in the UK are eating an unhealthy diet than ever before with over 62% of peoole being overweight in 2014, this is increasing every year, possibly because of the increased number of fast food companies and also people have busier lifestyle then before therefore eat unhealthy beacuse most of the time is the quick and easy option.

(, 2018). Unhealthy diets are likely to be very high in fat and/ or sugar therefore leads to many health problems such as coronary health disease (CHD). I recently learnt that obesity is the secind biggest cause of cancer after smoking meqning that this costs the NHS 16 billion pre year and is set to increase to over 30 billion by 2030. The NHS anticipates that there will be 26 billion peoole in the u obese by 2030 this is an increase of 73% from the current 15 billion people. there will need be urgent plans in place in order to vastly reduce this from haooening other wise there will not be enough money to cooe with the number of obese people, NHS 2018

as alcohol use is on the increse each year and as results of people misusing alcohol its costing the notional health service 122 million pre year and each year as a result of people calling into work sick, this can result in employees getting dismissed from their job as theu are not reliable resulting in a low income which can lead to depressing and poor mental health. For both men and women they shouldnt drink more 14 units of alcohol pre week as they vastly increases their risk of liver disease and cancer however 2.5 million people drinking more than the recommended limit every week. Drinking over the recommended limit increasing the chance of 67 different health conditions and is belived to be this biggest cause of death after smoking and cancer. The number of hospital admission as a result of alcohol related problems in on the increase with 333014 people being admitted in 2014 this was 1.3% increase for 2014. the number of alcohol mortalotys is going up every year, alcohol accounts for 1.4% of death in england",(",2018)

surffering frim the eating disorder.However this also effects 1 in every 10.(NHS, 2018)


the way we dispose of was is vitally important because there is hazardois substances that come from waste therefore if they are disposed of wrong it can result in pollution and over 10 toxic gases being produced such as carbon dioxde, hudrogen sulphide and meercury. the reason that landfill sites and vad for the environment is beacuse it removes oxygen from the air and cuts down the anaerobic process, this will then go on and produce a toxic gas 25 more harmful that carbon dioxide called methane. a study carried out showed the people who live within a 1K radius of a landfill siye tend to have smaller babies at birth. The trends with under weight babies and neonatal death where through to be in corresponding with the landfill site. As there is an increase in population this means that theres an increase in the amount of food and drinks bejng created and meaning that more pollution is being produced when these are being made, furthermore when fnaily dipose of the waste these is that much waste that it may not be brought to the correct dumping place therefore it is improperly done cauaing serious health effects on people in society(, 2018)

A safe, chep and easily access ible eater supoly is esse tial in order to maintain a good general health. there is around 1 billion people in devolving counties that have mo acess to clean water resulting in malnutrition and poor health. in the uk",a study showed that a minimum of 7.5 litres of water is required every day for each individual person, this includes personal hygiene preparing meanls and drinking the recommended water. Poor drinking quality water can result in diarrhoes, malnutrition and poor physical growth of an individual resulting in them not reaching there full potential. there has been a limit in the infant mortality rate and drinking poor quality water because of individuals and devolving chronic diarrhora and have no fresh water to maintain person hygiene of to drink from then it can lead to disease and bevause of the malnutfition and lack of health care it can other fatal if freash water is unavabile(Harry Oosterveen",2018)


sickle cell anaemia is an inherited diease which affext the blood cells this diease predominately affects people from african middle eastern and aisin backgrounds. those who suffer eith sickle cell anaemia are more pron to devolving infections tiredness and breathless. This disease is caused by a faulty gene that there is a 25% xhance of the child fetting it although more is no cure for sickle call anaemka as of yet there is may.

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