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The following research citations are the basis for this statement:
In his study entitled, “What Research Says about Ability Grouping and Academic Achievement”, James A. Nicholson states, “ The pro-grouping argument has been primarily concerned with the issue of effectiveness, while opponents to grouping have been concerned with equity. Research on effective schools has identified high teacher expectations and students’ expectations of themselves as essential for academic achievement. How students view themselves does affect their academic performance.” (Nicholson,1998). Therefore, we have two pieces of the puzzle of remediation success – teacher expectation and student’s expectations of themselves.
Another researcher …

… writes, “Research findings indicate that ability grouping does not help remedial students. Research studies in mathematics achievement consistently imply that ability grouping in mathematics harems low-ability and average students.” (Peterson, 1998).
In another study by Slavin, this time examining high school achievement, he found, “after reviewing 29 research papers in English that evaluate the effects of ability grouping on student achievement in secondary schools, there are no beneficial effects of ability grouping on academic achievement.” (Slavin, 1990),
Dr. Carol Spencer, in her study, “Grouping Students by Ability: A Review of the Literature”, said, “Grouping students homogeneously by ability level …

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