National Honor Society / The Four Pillars Essay

The Four Pillars associated with the nationwide Honor Society
The foundation to which this organization had been created upon and the traits that every user strives to emulate inside their everyday lives, defined by users of Mill Valley senior high school's chapter.

Leadership means the influence you have got on individuals to do something extraordinary. a leader is someone that is not afraid to stand by their choice no matter if no-one else standing by them. They have a drive to alter the world into something better. A leader is the fact that person everyone else looks to for advice, self-confidence and a grin. They are a person who overcomes obstacles each day, maybe not for themselves, but to raised the life of the around them. A leader consists of the other four pillars of country Honor Society: solution, character, scholarship and citizenship. Being a leader is having an innate belief that the sky is not the limit.

Scholarship isn't about being many skilled or intellectual person. It is about having an intellectual interest that drives one to not just enjoy learning brand new things, but to have the determination and integrity to apply oneself to understanding hard principles. Through hardwork you attempt to be a far more educated person who is much better suited to initiating positive changes in society.

Charactermeans to really have the qualities of honesty, courage, integrity or comparable traits. Honesty requires you to definitely show fairness in most activities and situations even though it means losing or experiencing a poor result. Courage involves shows sincerity confidently and resolve, even yet in the face of opposition. Integrity is getting the courage to stand by your morals despite peer stress and competing interests. Character just isn't something which can be taught, but instead something that must be modeled through instance.

Service is always to assist another by doing an action or work for another person, in accordance with Meriam Webster's Collegiate Dictionary. Community serve is a vital the main National Honor Society. Each memeber of NHS strives to provide service towards the surrounding communities so that you can benefit those around them, essential in culture today. Provider isn't only to fulfill a requirement set by NHS, or for university applications, but to aid another through contacting them, a value that will never afford to be lost within culture.

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