Since I happened to be a young child we dreamed of becoming a successful girl. Triumph if you ask me is once I have actually a master’s degree operating administration, a profession, and a family. I’m determined to possess all of it.

Education is essential to me. In my opinion knowledge is the utmost valuable tool for life, for that reason gonna college and having an education, a master’s level, will give me personally great knowledge. The data we gather can help my road to success. It's not easy working the full time job and likely to university on top of that. But nothing good comes easy and I’m determined to function difficult for this. As of now, i will be their studies at Pierce College in San Fernando, Ca and I will move to college of la, California UCLA in two years. I’m planning to get my master’s level in Business Management at UCLA. I’m prepared to face any barrier that comes my way. I’m particular absolutely nothing will defeat me, because i shall not give up my self, or my dream to success.

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As for my job, i do want to be a banker. We started working full-time as a teller in Washington Mutual bank in June, 2005. I acquired promoted as a senior teller under 6 months and I have actually a desire to get completely to your top 1 day. One day once I go to the administrator degree in banking, i shall have a massive experience from a teller to an executive banker. The knowledge additionally the experience i shall collect as you go along, will likely to be outstanding help to be a successful banker. It will likewise help me personally to make a decent living, which will help me to my success.

My children is the most essential thing if you ask me. I want to be a mother one day. I believe children will be the most precious thing in life. My success will never be finished if I don’t have a family to share my entire life with. A residence full of laughter could be my ultimate success. I do want to offer an improved life to my mom and my dad too. They have sacrificed their fantasies for my desires and I wish to take care of those. I would like to have my personal home, in that household I would like my parents, my hubby, my kiddies and I also, to reside gladly.

We dream big ambitions, I set my goals and now I’m spending so much time to accomplish them. I believe imagination has no restrictions. Like I have heard several times “dreams do come true, if you strive at it”. I really believe i ought to never ever stop learning, in spite of how old i'm, Expecting more from myself is never a negative thing. I'll never ignore my love ones to achieve my objectives, because I am going to never feel completed easily don’t have my love ones to share my achievements. I'll perform some most useful I'm able to. I am an effective 1 day, I am quite happy with my life and that’s my dream.

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