My Belief System Essay

Everybody else thinks in one thing – religion, an afterlife, love initially sight, fate, marriage, destiny, gods, ghosts, etc. For many, these philosophy constitute a large element of their lives and their being. In reality, for many, their opinions define them.

Beliefs have a significant impact on today's culture. Our life appears very nearly completely predicated on organizations and values like wedding, faith, and fate. With nearly the whole planet involved in some type of belief system, how could it be that a sensible young girl like me believes in practically nothing?

We cannot rely on gods, paradise, ghosts, destiny, miracle, or other non-tangible concept – not because i really do n't need to, but simply because my brain cannot fathom it. If you ask me, fact is critical. Yet, i might never ever say that those whom elect to rely on faith-based ideas are wrong; instead, they simply don't think just like me and tend to be capable keep faith without proof to straight back it. You might say We envy them. If only for one minute i possibly could believe in something spectacular and paranormal.

As humans, we are constantly changing. Whom we were two moments ago just isn't who we will be two moments from now. Every situation, every term, every idea, and every blink changes whom we have been. Here is the element of mankind we discover the most fascinating: we are always developing, always growing, ­always evolving.

Due to this amazing event, I cannot, and certainly will perhaps not, make a long-lasting commitment particularly marriage. Within my eyes, these commitments are fundamentally immoral. Simone de Beauvoir as soon as said, “The horror regarding the definite choice usually we commit not just the self of today and that the next day.” By giving yourself up to wedding, you are compromising and throwing out your self as a person. How can you promise yourself to somebody when you've got no idea who you will soon be in 5 years? You have no idea what you will want or what the other person will require. The only method you will final “'til death do united states part” is if among you completely stifles your own personal growth.

Ergo, the only real relationships that final forever, besides those very uncommon happy ones, are ones where one individual stops developing him or herself, and as an alternative follows the direction of the other. One stays a flower, whilst the other turns to gardening their partner. That is not a way to live. We each should be a flower; we each should develop ourselves to your full potential and develop in whatever direction we would like. We can not prioritize another over ourselves, for whenever we do, we'll soon be their gardener, instead of our personal being. We very long become my very own ­individual, so the only commitment i shall ever make should myself. We vow never to compromise my development and independency. I'm focused on myself and my development.

Individuals constantly let me know, “You need to have confidence in something. Every person believes in something.” My response is: “in my opinion in myself.” Although that will never be considered a “belief” by itself, it can require faith, understanding, devotion, and the rest your religions and marriages have actually. Everyday I whisper to myself, “Self reliance, self reliance, self reliance,” usually numerous times everyday. Or, “Ne te quaesiveris additional,” that will be Latin for “Do perhaps not look for outside yourself.” I'm high in substance, possibilities, and burning intensity. I'm an individual who highly believes in individualism.

When a sizable part of the planet believes exactly the same exact reasons for faith and fate as you do, you are not unique: you are just an integral part of friends. Individuals always state that teams are more powerful than ­individuals, that there is energy in figures. But i really believe the contrary. There is more strength in myself alone than there would be if there were one thousand individuals just like me personally. Because i'm an individual – in the place of section of friends – my ideas are mine alone. I'm maybe not affected or forced by anybody but myself, and also this produces a refreshing convenience and strength i will just find within. I'm my own best friend, and becoming true close friends with myself is probably the thing I will be many happy with in my life. No real matter what occurs, i shall also have myself.

All that love and devotion people placed into wedding, religion, and all sorts of those other opinions, we put into myself. I put it into my thoughts, my goals, could work, my writing, my art, my ability to love: my everything.

People check out values if they feel they have no place else to show, because beliefs justify their ­actions and bring them convenience. We see believing in marriage and religion to be just like eating an ­entire field of chocolates when you are down: comforting during the time, but unhealthy over time. I do perhaps not waste my time on comfort food types; instead We ­invest all my love, faith, and power in myself. Development and development are the things I emphasize within my life. Each day we change and I understand myself. Unlimited opportunities lie in front of me personally. I will be personal best friend, for I'm all i've nowadays. I like myself, and I also believe in myself.

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