Koogle Leadership Style Essay

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This paper analyzes the concept of situational leadership and concludes by providing recommendations for its application at workplace.

… the situation or circumstance (case, 1998). This means that whereas other approaches are fixed according to any particular criterion such as is the case with top-down, democratic or autocratic leadership styles, in situational leadership, the criterion is variable in the context of changing circumstances.
Evaluation of the Concept
The situational leadership theory is groundbreaking in the fact that this style of leadership allows the room for flexibility that almost every situation demands. All other types have a fixed criterion, which a leader has to follow if he adopts it. For example, under the democratic leadership style, the leader has to make sure that he allows considerable room to a subordinate in the process of task completion or decision making, although there might be an urgent need to do the opposite in some situations. This is why situational leadership is more effective because the leader can adopt whatever style is the requirement or the demand of the situation.
Recommendations for Application at Workplace
Situational leadership style is the most applicable of all styles. It is recommended that the manager chosen for the application of this style should especially have the characteristics of being flexible and compassionate but firm and opportunistic. …

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