Is learning history important? - essay

topic: lots of people agree totally that studying history is import!ant. Alternatively, there are some whom believe there's absolutely no usage studying activities which have already occurred. Therefore, they think that schools should stop teaching history. What is your opinion? Support your viewpoint with examples and relevant explanations.

Some individuals are saying that we do not need to study history since learning occasions previously is no usage. However, learning history is extremely worthwhile and has now an important meaning to united states. There are several explanations why in my opinion this.

To begin with, we are residing in a part of history now. It means your present, which is to become the past whilst the minute passes, can't be aside from history. Many people may assume your past is one thing occurred long time ago. However, it is only partially true. Yesterday, or even a minute ago becomes part of history. Hence, if we believe that studying history isn't any usage, we acknowledge that we live life that'll become meaningless in the foreseeable future.

Additionally, we learn a lot of things from past. History just isn't an obsolete thing. Instead, it offers united states valuable classes that really help to create our life better. As an example, we certainly understand how tragic the consequence of the war is from cases of World War and Civil war within the history. From the damaging occasions in the past, we visited understand the war cannot be justified whatever reasons are.

Finally, history reveals who we really are. There clearly was an old saying 'Like daddy, like son', which shows the significance of knowing who our forefathers are like. Our everyday lives are incredibly much the expression of theirs. That's, by carefully considering their methods of thinking or their attitudes, we will have a much better knowledge of ourselves.

To conclude, we should appreciate learning history as it has significant value itself. First, when we're residing now is part of history. Also, history teaches united states valuable lessons, to ensure that we'll perhaps not do the same thing wrong again! Lastly, we learn more about ourselves through history by seeing the lives of our forefathers. For that reason, studying history should be motivated anyway coats.

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