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Kari Hourany9/12/10Individual Belief SystemComponent 1 — Authority: I have absorbed plenty (good and bad) from my moms and dads while growing up very often it is difficult to distinguish exactly what part of my beliefs’ system originates from my personal experiences and exactly what comes from an interpretation of my parent’s practices and precepts. A number of things I know to be true: First, dad constantly provided me with the freedom to consider for myself, which aided into the development of my power to acquire the tools I needed to become independent and self-reliant. 2nd, i usually felt that I was susceptible to my parents often poor choice making as I ended up being growing up and exactly how it didn’t always mirror my most useful interest. From that I vowed to be sensitive to…show more content…

I feel each individual has an obligation to educate on their own so that they may utilize knowledge offered to them and make use of the various tools they get to show (perhaps not force) other people. I have always believed myself become an extremely delicate individual. I don’t mean painful and sensitive within the feeling of emotional instability, but in the sense of self-awareness. I recall thinking as a child and young adult that no-one must think in so far as I do about things you cannot see or touch. Including, an item I wrote on 7/04/06: perhaps we never stop searching…Searching for our destination, in which we easily fit in, our meaning. Must I have already been therefore endowed concerning face such obstacles at such an earlier age/stage? Was we offered the knowledge and ability to know/see the difference, yet maybe not the various tools to pave the street of my choice? Would i have already been happier, more lucrative had I been less informed? When looking stops at a remedy, ultimately will the responses visit our search? Will then left not the responses be but just the why’s and why not’s? Round is the globe because it turns rotating ourselves across the truth we shall never ever stop wasting time enough to catch. Will this day function as the same as the next day?; endless without quality, due to a finish is only the why’s replacement?! Although comically inaccurate it

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