How Technology Has Affected Us ? - Argumentative Essay

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Madison Messina Mr. sherryEnglish 101 exactly how technology has affected usEven though today’s technology makes our life easier, technology has also its downfalls. Humans are much lazier than they have ever been, and there are many more lost jobs because computers are overpowering and carrying out work for us. As an example, the other day my pal just destroyed the woman work doing customer support because the computer operators are now doing the client service. Individuals have be dependent on mobile phones to help keep touching everybody, and television, for a lot of, is a disgusting solution to be entertained (especially using the reality shows we often have a tendency to live away from). Having said that some individuals argue we can not live without…show more content…

Exactly what happened to taking a walk round the block towards destination? Now a days we have all an automobile that they'll and do take every-where, even when it is just outside.” (Par #3). Obesity is amongst the big issues into the U.S today as well as its simply getting even worse, between 1980 and 2000, obesity rates doubled among grownups. 30per cent regarding the adult populations are now actually obese.Since we've plenty advanced level technology today there have been hackers who are able to invade your own personal computer systems and sometimes-big corporations. According to Lolita C. Baldor, associated press author (par number 1) “ hackers are increasingly targeting attorneys and public relations organizations with a complicated e-mail scheme that breaks within their computer networks to steal delicate information, often associated with large business consumers conducting business overseas.” If businesses cant access their computer systems the company cant function, which proves the over dependency on technology.Almost every person today has a cell phone, in most cases everyone have sidetracked by our cellular phones. Studies also show that each and every day in 2008, over 800,00 everyone was texting, making telephone calls, or using a handheld mobile while driving inside U.S. in identical 12 months distracted driving killed almost 6,000 People in america. In 2007, driver interruptions particularly making use of a cell phone or text messaging, contributed to almost 1,000 crashes involving 16- and 17- 12 months- old drivers. Over one-third of most young drivers, ages 24

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