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Prompt: just how will your individual faith and values donate to Liberty’s objective to build up Christ-centered leaders?

Christ-Centered University

I understand world in ways different compared to those around me do. I wish to be light within dark globe. I need to go to a college that will encourage me to cultivate closer to Jesus and will assist me to find and follow their will. In my opinion we had been intended to glorify God with our lives, but i would like all the assistance I'm able to reach be a Christ-centered girl. I'm looking a college where I can develop spiritually and in which i could learn, not only academics, but learn about Jesus and life. I think Liberty University is a college in which I am able to do that. You state your mission is always to produce Christians with values, knowledge, and skills had a need to influence the planet. My mother taught me a Christian perspective, and instilled morals in me. These will soon be my foundation to build to be one particular Christians. For me, it is not constantly very easy to operate for God if you find so much opposition. But i do want to change; I want to be one particular whom fades on earth as a light shining brightly. I anticipate signing up to Liberty’s aeronautics system. One day i wish to be a pilot that reaches the difficult to achieve places worldwide with hope which help for the needy. Liberty can prepare me for that work. I want to affect those around me personally for Jesus, as well as in doing this, impact tomorrow’s globe.

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