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There are certain keywords in every concern that inform you exactly what information the teacher is requesting and how to format your reaction.

This range of typical key phrases and their definitions might help respond to that common question, “So exactly what am i truly expected to do?”

analyzeTake apart and examine closely.compareLook for similarities and differences; anxiety similarities.contrastLook for differences and similarities; anxiety differences.critiquePoint out both positive and negative aspects.defineExplain just what something means.describeShow just what one thing seems like, including physical features. Additionally mean to provide an account or narrate.discussArgue pros and cons. Mention various groups or people included and also the standpoint of each and every. State proof supporting a viewpoint, along with proof unlike it.evaluateMake a value judgment according to some clear requirements.explainClarify or interpret how one thing works or happens.illustrateShow through example, image, or diagram.interpretExplain exactly how or why; suggests some subjective judgments.justifyArgue meant for something to find positive reasons.listOrder facts, attributes, or things in sequence. This translates to to set up certain facts in 1, 2, 3 or bulleted order.outlineOrganize according to hierarchy and/or category.proveDemonstrate by usage of logic, reality, or example.reviewReexamine the key points or highlights of one thing.stateReiterate a point or group of points from the text.summarizePresent the main points.synthesizeCombine or pull together pieces or principles.tracePresent a plan; show a sequence of exactly how or why something does occur or happens.Updated by Elizabeth Guiden
January 2005

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