Essay on the Negative Effects of Technology on Children

Technology can be explained as the information of the process and methods that transforms the abstract ideas of experts and mathematicians into concrete reality.

Technology is the know-how that allows united states to extract the raw materials and then transform them into gas, metal, chemical compounds, plastic materials and food. Technology normally worried about perfection of commercial process and mass production and automation.

The advancing technology implies air pollution, the fatigue of natural resources and not enough employees satisfaction in automated factories. Technology is hence a two- edged gun.

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Technology today has invaded every sphere of our life as well as the people are impacted both positively and adversely due to the major technical advancements.

Kiddies are more affected because childhood may be the phase of life whenever a person is affected probably the most by technical advancements. It really is impossible for a child or a teenager to assume a life without mobile phones or computers today. Less than two decades ago kids and teens accustomed enjoy their everyday lives without cell phones.

But today children also carry mobile phones to schools. Not just does it impact their studies but the fact is that some pupils carry their costly gadgets to college due to that your other individuals who cannot pay for those devices start feeling the need to have these technical toys.

A kid cannot understand that not everyone can have equivalent high priced cellular phones. In an age whenever kiddies should be playing indoor and outside games, they truly are playing animated games on their cellular phones, laptops and iPads. Their whole selection of activities seems to have been summarized into these technological advancements. Even though elders are speaking with the young ones their minds are tilted on the computer or mobile screens plus they have a tendency to pay least attention even though something crucial is being believed to them.


It's true that technological development has turned the planet into a worldwide village and young ones today do have more contact with the happenings of the world than the young ones of previous decades, but young ones today never see other things that exactly what technology shows them. They should understand that a wider world exists outside their cell phones and internet.

Kiddies are even becoming lazier day by day due to the reason that each and everything is offered at their home, purchasing such a thing is merely a button away. Tech and technical advancement obviously saves time but individuals are getting increasingly determined by it with every moving day.

Long hours in front of the computer systems and laptop computers weaken your body and hearing some musing results in hearing impairment. Whenever we compare this decade’s youngster aided by the child of the early in the day decades, we'll realize that children with visual and hearing impairment tend to be more today, than before. There was a limit to everything.

Similarly, there must be a restriction to utilizing computers and laptops, for the sake of the people by themselves. Parents also needs to remember that they ought to maybe not flood their child’s wardrobe with technical toys only, you will find countless other games for sale in the markets.


Obsession with these technological devices are believe it or not that dependence on medications; it becomes nearly impossible to endure without a cellular phone or iPad. Technical advancements have certainly made life effortless and certainly will continue to do so but kiddies and teens; as a matter of known fact everybody else should comprehend to utilize technology wisely without wasting their valued time.

Broadcast the most of use kinds of media but today it is just thought to be a source of activity by the youngsters and teenagers. It provides 24 hour activity by means of music and chat programs as a consequence of which children waste their useful time. A small amount of entertainment is fine but such a thing in excess is dangerous. Hearing music anytime associated with day for long could harm the ears thus causing hearing problems.

Television as a technological development has revolutionised the entire world because individuals are now in a position to see images. News, fashion, movies, ads all affect the reasoning and behaviour associated with the teenagers together with children. But everyone don't note one thing, each fact if it is based on a genuine event or a false one is presented in an exaggerated manner. If a favorite personality dies, all news stations constantly repeat the news repeatedly because of which it appears as though a far larger activities than they really are.

If a holiday destination may be worth visiting, the advertisements are presented such a manner as if you will feel that you have reached heaven once you is there. If you are smart sufficient, you understand the fact however in most of the cases many of us are caught within the wonderful means anything is presented.

Now once you reach the location its amazing definitely however have by the time raised your objectives to such a level that you do not get the place as amazing as it must have been. The exact same may be the situation with being attracted to something; you're so mesmerised with all the ad which you become purchasing the product if it is of the use or perhaps not.

Besides this young ones as well as grownups waste an abundance of their time using the idiot box. Their visual energy suffers because of this and they additionally begin staying in a totally various world that is lacking reality. Tech is a blessing, if wisely utilized otherwise it may turn into a destructive element.

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