Contribute towards this mission based on examples of your past work and activities Essay

The basic premise of my thought process here is that the world refers to the society I live in, my workplace, people I interact with on a daily basis and the influence they cast on me and vice versa. As they say 'charity begins at home', so being a future leader from ISB my mission and aim would be to uplift the way and manner in which work is done by me and people I have an influence on. High thinking and simple living have been two principles that I abide by. I have been fortunate enough to have experienced many stuations where I was able to demonstrate leadership qualities and help people in my world. I believe that if each and every ISB leader can demonstrate such qualities, it would indeed have a life changing effect on the world as a whole. Some examples to substantiate the lines above would be put forward here. During my time, working as a software engineer at Accenture in the year 2012, I was home for Diwali festival on vacation. The company I used to work for had trucks that were stuck at the gate since one of the SAP systems was non-fubnctional and so they could not get their invoices approved on time. There was no one available to work at office being holiday in India. As a responsible team member I volunteered to fix this issue by putting in 6 hours non-stop and making sure that company does not suffer any financial losses. I was hugely applauded foer this effort. I did not do what I did for any appreciation but to set an example for rest of the team members that work comes before anything else and that we should be committed towards our aim of client satisfaction. There was another instance wherein I was nominated to impart technical training to new joiners at Accenture. I still remeber how nervous I was when I entered the classroom, but gradually I calmed my nerves. I was extremely patient with the students remembering my own time and empathising with them. A month later, while I was coming out of the cafteria after lunch a boy came running and said 'Are you Pranshu sir?' and a bewildered me said 'Yes'. He then told me that he was one of the students in that class and that he owes his project appointment to me. He was very grateful and that gave me a great deal of satisfaction and a good night's sleep. I have always strived to carry out my duties and responsilities with utmost discipline and high principles. Later I contributed by submitting many white papers in the knowledge inventory and developing scripts to automate daily mundane work.

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