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In a category essay, we organize things intocategories and give samples of items that fit into each category. Like, if you reveal types of computers (PCs and servers), each of your developmental paragraphs will determine thecharacteristics of an unusual computer kind.

Classification requirements:

Before writing, it's important to select the category criteria. We must think according to what properties we are going to classify things. The requirements needs to be discriminating and growing classes must certanly be non-overlapping.

Inside sample essay about types of computer systems, the computer systems are classified in accordance with their functions and capabilities, as:

Sample essay analysis

topic: 5 kinds of computers requirements: their functions and capabilities 1. PC basic usage by a single individual

desktop: permanent

laptop: portable

2. Workstation useful for 3D layouts, game development powerful microprocessor, extra memory and improved abilities 3. Server regularly provide solutions with other computers have powerful processors, plenty of memory and large hard disks 4. principal frame utilized in company enables a huge selection of people to interact 5. Super computer employed for jobs that just take massive quantities of calculating extremely effective


The introduction of a category essay is quitestraightforward. Inside thesis statement, you mention there are (number) types of (one thing) based on their (properties).

Into the developmental paragraphs, you will need to determine eachtype you mentioned into the thesis. You may even must show the similaritiesand/or differences of these kinds. Providing examples would allow your readers tounderstand better.


The common transitions used while classifying would be the first kind / type / team, the second kind/ kind / team, the 3rd kind / type / team.

Sample category essay:

Forms of Computers

There are a great number of termsused to explain computer systems. These types of words imply the size, expected use orcapability associated with the computer. As the term “computer” can connect with almost any device that a microprocessor inside, many people consider a computeras a device that gets input through the individual through a mouse or keyboard,processes it in a few fashion and displays the resulton a screen. Computer systems is divided in to five according to thepurpose they have been employed for and their capabilities.

The absolute most familiar type of microprocessor could be the individual computer(PC). It designedfor general usage by a single individual. While a Mac is also a PC, many people relate the expression with systems thatrun the Windows operating-system. PCs were first understood asmicrocomputers because they werea complete computer but constructed on an inferior scale than the huge systems in useby many companies. A PC can come in two types (three whenever we range from the private Digital Assistants (PDAs) that differ from PCs perhaps not by the working policy but inappearance as well.): Desktop and laptop. The former is not created forportability. The expectation with desktop systems is you'll set thecomputer up in a permanent location. Most desktops provide more energy, storage space and flexibility on the cheap price thantheir portable brethren. Alternatively, the laptop computers — also known as notebooks- are portable computers that integrate the display,keyboard, a pointing device or trackball, processor, memoryand hard disk drive all in a battery-operatedpackage slightly bigger than an average hardcoverbook.

Anotherpurpose for making use of a microprocessor is really as a workstation. The computer systems utilized forthis purpose have actually a more powerful processor, extra memory and enhancedcapabilities for performing a unique band of task, such as for example 3D Graphics or game development.

A computer may also beused as a server. With this, it requires tobeoptimized to offer solutions to many other computers over a network. Serversusually have effective processors, a lot of memory and big hard disk drives.

a fourth kind, a mainframe is the heart of a system of computers or terminals that allows hundredsof people to work on once for a passing fancy information. It is indispensable forthe business community.

Often, computers canbe useful for specialized areas also. The supercomputeristhe the top of heap in power and expense. It is useful for jobs that take massiveamounts of calculating, like weather forecasting, engineering design andtesting, severe decryption, and financial forecasting.

With all the increasingdemand in different specialties, new corrections are now being made tomicroprocessors and brand new kinds of computers that provide various purposesemerge. Inside ongoing process, it might extremely hard to place the full stop right here.What we recommend is that it is best to help keep en attention in the development ofscience in this industry and keep updating our knowledge in an effort not to ever beout-of-date just like the computers of old times that have been as large as a space.


Written by Oya Ozagac, May 2004

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