A Personal Reflective Essay Example


In the context of personal character, values are intangible qualities being considered to be worth possessing for their usefulness, value or desirability. Almost all values are morally relative in feeling that a certain value might appear good and good for one individual but be outright bad or inimical to other people. So, values could be moral or elsewhere based on who is making the judgment. Moral values refer to a set of good criteria and maxims that often guide or determine how an individual distinguishes from wrong, thus regulating their behaviours and choices. Great ethical values have one part of typical – they dignify, enhance and protect life for the good of.

Just what determines a person’s moral values?

There are three major sources that we derive our moral values. One of these brilliant is from society and federal government. The customs, cultures and traditions of society plus the rules enacted by governments all together shape and determine the ethical values of people within the community, whether we're considering a small city, state, country or the worldwide community. Occasions plus social and legal changes inevitably end up in changes in the typical ethical value. Another source of ethical value is religion, ideology or creed. The belief system or philosophical leanings of an individual leave included some codes and listing of dos and don’ts which shape and concretize their feeling of good and wicked, right and incorrect. Despite some of its variations with contradictory showings, Christianity rises well most importantly other religions and philosophies in going beyond something of 2 and don’ts, emphasizing an important relationship with Jesus through their Son and environment ethical values that clearly transcend society’s mores and man’s selfish instincts. Your final source where moral value comes is from within one’s very own self. There is certainly an innate, instinctive tendency to, from within one’s self, differentiate from the comfort of wrong. Evidence of that is ably demonstrated by young children who watch their parent before you go for or against an instruction. As knowledge increases and an individual grows from youth to adulthood, he strengthens their capability to make alternatives between your forbidden and acceptable, sort or cruel, generous or selfish, from within his own self. This ability, though untaught, is usually modified or tamed by the earlier two sourced elements of moral values.

My Moral Values

My moral values are mainly affected by my family upbringing, which, exactly what my parents taught me while growing up and my strong Christian faith. Additionally, but there is considerable share from my education, individual experience, my appreciation of exactly how government works and social integration in our worldwide village of diverse but same humanity. It may never be feasible to record all of them but the core of my ethical values are represented by these couple of: integrity, love, courage, respect, obedience, duty, kindness, fairness, humility, politeness and modesty.


Moral values are only undoubtedly valuable whenever carry out. The essence of knowing and cultivating fine moral values just isn't to put on them deeply within but to place them into action whenever and anywhere they truly are needed.

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